Anna Jobrant is a singer devo­ted to Early Music, which suits her voice and appe­als to her soul. The Aca­demy of Music and Drama at the Uni­ver­sity of Gothen­burg was the venue for her trai­ning; she has a degree in Music Educa­tion and then com­ple­ted the Post­gradu­ate Diploma Pro­gramme. While par­ti­ci­pa­ting in the Diploma Pro­gramme, she was lucky to cross paths with the flau­tist Manu­ela Wies­ler and the fan­tastic singer Emma Kirkby. Both of these accom­plished musi­ci­ans have in dif­fe­rent, and deci­dedly impor­tant, ways inspi­red and gui­ded Anna as an artist.

Most of Anna´s per­for­man­ces involve solos in ora­to­rios, or solo con­certs, but she also have a pas­sion for vocal ensem­bles, which has led her to sing with ensem­bles such as Göte­borg Baro­que and Swe­dish Har­mony of Voi­ces among others.

For boo­king and furt­her info see www.akselbergcm.com